As part of the Peggy Porschen Academy’s Tiered Wedding Cakes & Business Know-How Diploma Module, students are offered the unique opportunity to meet a number of industry experts who share professional expertise and personal experiences.


London-based Wedding Planner Bruce Russell is one of the Academy’s regular guest lecturers and he visited us last week to discuss his job functions and responsibilities, as well as the importance of a strong and confident collaboration with cake suppliers. He describes this relationship between planners and suppliers as paramount.

“I need to trust that what we have agreed is what will be delivered on the day, and will be nothing short of perfection,” he says. “That’s what the client expects and that is ultimately what they are paying for.”


In fact, Bruce adds, a good relationship between a wedding planner and cake supplier goes even deeper than providing clients with an exceptional level of service or facilitating the design process. “Should anything go wrong on the day,” he explains, “I have the peace of mind that there will be an absolutely amazing cake on display when the bride and groom and their guests walk into the room.”


Bruce offers the following top tips for cake decorators looking to work with wedding planners:

- Ensure that the planner understands your product, style, design process and pricing. This way the planner can properly educate their clients and sell your product and services accurately.

- Ask questions and have a clear understanding of what the client is after – a good planner should be able to provide you with a clear brief so you can prepare for the consultation.

- Be unique – ensure that your presentation/proposal is personalised and tailored for each individual client.

- Understand how the planner works because their role in the planning process may differ from client to client, and all planners work differently. Who is paying, who the proposal addressed is to etc. – clarify these details before you meet with the bride and groom.

- Be true to your brand. The planner may bring you a client who is not right for you – be honest.


About Bruce Russell

With almost 20 years of experience in the events industry, Bruce Russell is at the pinnacle of the bridal industry. His work includes dedicated tenures at internationally renowned locations, such as The Plaza Hotel in New York and The Savoy Hotel in London. In 2011, he was appointed The Savoy’s resident wedding expert.

As London’s leading wedding and party planner, Bruce has perfected his talent for delivering exceptional events and continues to inspire clients with his genuine “joie de vivre” – the heartbeat to his professionalism. His specialist services cater for weddings and civil partnerships, private parties and special occasions, all delivered with passion, style and grace. This summer, Bruce plans to launch Bridal Retreats & Tours, which will give brides personal access to his creative expertise, experience and “gold list” of suppliers.

For more information about Bruce and the By Bruce Russell team, please visit http://bybrucerussell.com/


About the Academy Diploma

The Peggy Porschen Academy launched the Diploma to meet demand for an all-inclusive professional course. The comprehensive curriculum takes students through a series of four modules, ultimately covering everything from the basics of baking and icing to mastering a range of decorating techniques to the more complex art of sugar florestry. For more information on the Academy Diploma, dates and details, please visit http://www.peggyporschenacademy.com/categories/Courses/All-Courses-at-a-Glance/


We’re celebrating the launch of Peggy Porschen’s latest book, “Cakes in Bloom,” with a collection of exciting and innovative sugar floristry courses.

Peggy herself initiated our new courses, teaching a group of students how to make her Spring Blossom Boutonnieres – a stunning bouquet of flowers taken directly from the book.



She personally guided the eager group of students through the steps to make their own exquisite sugar flowers, covering everything from rolling out and cutting sugar paste to assembling the flowers and finally arranging them on a dummy cake.




The vibrant bouquets included a delicate selection of ranunculus, primroses, daffodils, grape hyacinth and leaves, all tied together and finished off with a gorgeous satin ribbon.



Missed the class? The Academy will host a number of other sugar floristry classes inspired by “Cakes in Bloom” including:


The classes are filling up quickly, so book soon to avoid disappointment!


“Cakes in Bloom” by Peggy Porschen is available here. Published by Quadrille, £25.