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"Thank you again for a very informative learning experience. I was quite surprised by how emotional I felt when you handed me the Grand Diploma yesterday. I hope with what I have learnt I will take the plunge and do this full-time very soon. I certainly didn't feel that way when I started out, but getting that piece of paper and completing the GD process with PPA has changed something. It has made me more brave to admit that I want to be my own boss and make beautiful things that make me and others happy. Very few people can say that about what they do. I hope to be part of the few. Thanks again for sharing your expert knowledge" 

Merlin, Peggy Porschen Academy Diploma of professional cake design & sugar craft

"Attending the Peggy Porschen Academy was a dream of mine for years. When I was finally able to attend, it did not disappoint! Lovely class sizes, wonderful instructors and great curriculum - I learned so much! I highly recommend taking any of the courses offered at the Academy and can't wait to pop into the Parlour again for a cupcake!" 


"Dear Peggy and Franziska. 

I have to thank both of you, I had a great time creating a fabulous drip cake today, the class was a highlight of my stay in London. The class was awesome, thank you Franziska for patiently teaching me masking and sharing tips with me, explaining every step and detail, she is experienced and enthusiastic. I can't wait to make another when I get back to Hong Kong" 

Bobo, Private Tuition, Drip Cake

"Studying at The Academy was a huge dream come true for me. Being able to train there was an amazing experience. Along with the amazing training conducted by really great teachers (including yourself) I met some really wonderful people who I still keep in touch with! Soon after completing my Grand Diploma I moved to Sri Lanka and have started my very own adventure and I have been featured in the DAILY MAIL which is a huge deal and I'm thrilled! Thank you for being the foundation of my future." 

Sherryl, Peggy Porschen Academy Diploma of professional cake design & sugar craft

"Thank you all for the fabulous baking course last week. It was a really well thought out and worthwhile course! I learnt loads and also had a REALLY enjoyable time with you!" 

Kate, Baking, Layering & Icing Module

"I spent a day at one of Peggy's Masterclasses and had the most fantastic time creating gorgeous flower pot cakes. Peggy really is a master craftsman"

Sophie Conran, Miniature Cakes Masterclass

"Lovely class, the tutor was absolutely excellent - very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. "

Hannah, Drip cake Cake Masterclass

"I was afraid to pipe cookies until this course"

Haya, Cookie Decorating Masterclass

"I cannot thank Peggy and her staff enough for the very professional and enjoyable classes. Each module is hands on, specialised and in depth. The Academy has transformed the way I bake and decorate. Any potential student would benefit greatly from the state-of-the-art facilities, expert knowledge and professional tutors. I look forward to returning for some day classes!"

Gareth, Peggy Porschen Academy Diploma of professional cake design & sugar craft

"The tutors were fantastic, always ready to help me, give me good information about the ingredients, tools, techniques, cake business and always with passion and a smile. Thank you for teaching me the best techniques and all I need for my own successful cake business." 

Sophie, Peggy Porschen Academy Diploma of professional cake design & sugar craft