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Eton Mess & Summer Berry Pudding


    This is the perfect masterclass for passionate bakers! 

    Join us at the academy and learn how to bake a delicious selection of Peggy’s most popular summer cupcake recipes. The indulgent Eton Mess and Summer Berry Pudding are not only visually stunning but are also bursting with the flavours of summer. Throughout the day, students will learn how to bake a perfectly fluffy buttermilk sponge, how to make Peggy's scrumptious vanilla and summer berry buttercream frosting and how to cook delicious berry coulis. The finishing touches will be added by piping the buttercream using different nozzles and arranging a variety of berries, pipettes and mini meringue kisses on top of the cupcakes. Both flavours are Parlour best-sellers and during this course students will learn all about the secrets of their success.

    Techniques and skills covered will include:

    • Buttermilk sponge recipe
    • Meringue buttercream recipe, vanilla & mixed berry flavour
    • Different berry fillings & coulis
    • Mini meringue kisses
    • Piping cupcakes using a star nozzle

    At the end of the day each student will receive a 'Peggy Porschen Academy Masterclass Certificate' and go home with a box of mouth-watering cupcakes and newly acquired baking skills. 

    Please note, due to time restrictions and recipe quantities students may need to work in pairs on occasion. This masterclass will be taught through a combination of demonstrations and hands-on practise. Where required certain elements of the cake  will be prepared in advance by the PPA.

    Times: 10am to 4pm 

    Duration: 1 Day

    Class size: 6 students

    Tutors: TBC

    Fee: £295 incl. VAT

    Skill Level: Beginners

    Additional Information: 

    International Students: If you are coming from abroad and require a visa, we recommend you book at least three months in advance to allow for ample time to process your visa application. We do not offer a letter of invitation to assist with your visa, although we are happy to send a letter confirming your course booking. We do not offer refunds under any circumstances other than those specified in our Cancellation Policy, even if visa applications are rejected.

    Student Discounts: All Peggy Porschen Academy students receive a 10% discount on any purchases made at the Academy and Parlour for the duration for the class.

    Food & Drink: Students are invited to join us at the Academy about 10 minutes before the start of class. We will also provide complimentary snacks, coffee, tea and water at the Academy throughout the day. While the Academy must remain closed to students during the lunch break, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in the area and some offer reduced prices to Peggy Porschen students.

    Kitchen Attire: The Peggy Porschen Academy will provide students with aprons for use throughout the course. The aprons remain property of the Peggy Porschen Academy and must be returned on laundry collection days and/or at the end of the course. All students are required to wear solid, comfortable shoes with closed toes, such as trainers (no high heels or sandals, please). We recommend students avoid wearing warm and bulky clothing, as the classroom may get quite hot (especially during baking courses).

    Code of Conduct: Due to health and safety regulations, students are required to neatly tie back long hair at all times. They are also advised against wearing jewellery. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones in the classroom, with the exception of using the camera function. Videos are strictly prohibited.

    Tools, Equipment & Ingredients: The Peggy Porschen Academy will provide students with all required tools, equipment and ingredients for the duration of the class. The tools and equipment remain property of the Peggy Porschen Academy and must be returned at the end of the course. Certain items are available for purchase at the Academy, at the Parlour or through our online store.

    Transportation Boxes & Bags: The Peggy Porschen Academy will provide suitable boxes for the products created in class, however students are responsible for bringing their own heavy-duty carrier bags.

    Cancellations: The Peggy Porschen Academy is unable to offer refunds on any courses booked. For more information on our cancellation policy, please visit .