About Us

 At Peggy Porschen we are passionate about storytelling through the canvas of cake. In harmony with the rolling seasons, our pastry and styling experts weave captivating narratives. Always evolving - and under the creative direction of Peggy Porschen herself - each season’s storyline flows seamlessly throughout our cakes & confectionery, Parlour exterior and interior installations and online shop.

Built upon a foundation of Peggy’s Le Cordon Bleu Patisserie training, the kitchen remains the beating heart of Peggy Porschen. Here, a highly skilled team of pastry chefs can be found developing, trialing and ingredient sourcing and of course baking and decoration, to ensure our offering is always of the highest standard in taste, quality and sustainability.

A trailblazer for creative cake artistry and picture-perfect cafes, our whimsical identity gives way to a legion of admirers who delight under our brand’s joyful umbrella of pink perfection.

We are a destination for escapism, dreaminess and an unwritten permission for visitors to creatively connect with their inner-child. Built on Peggy’s love of a pink and pastel colour palette, modern romance, craftsmanship and exquisite tastes, the Parlour provides a fairy-tale setting, which changes through the year to please both sweet-toothed Londoners and tourists from all around the globe.

In addition, a collection of party cakes and classic layer cakes ensure that the Parlour has an offering to suit every happy occasion and celebration all year round.

With a highly engaged social media presence and over 700K followers on Instagram alone, it’s no wonder that the Parlour is so frequently pinpointed as the prettiest café in the world. And as Vanity Fair named us, “cupcake heaven.

We are so happy to share our journey with you.

Love the Peggy Porschen team x

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