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At Peggy Porschen we work through the year, weaving captivating seasonal narratives seamlessly throughout our cakes & confectionery, Parlour installations and lifestyle retail range: including books, gift items and baking kits. A trailblazer for creative cake artistry and picture-perfect cafes, our legion of fans knows us for exceptional attention to detail and unique designs that capture hearts. We are a destination for escapism, dreaminess and an unwritten permission for visitors to connect with their inner-child through a love of a fairy-tale colour palette and mouthwatering tastes, all with a twist that is relevant to modern life.

If you would like to become part of the Peggy Porschen story and join us in spreading joy and happiness through the art of cake take a look at the positions available below.


We currently do not have any vacancies.

Speculative Applications 

Even if a specific role is not advertised and you have experience as either a pastry or savoury chef, cake decorator, front of house or kitchen porter we would love to hear from you! Simply send your CV with a speculative job application email to Should your application be of interest to us we will get in touch as soon as a suitable position becomes available.
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