'Ode to Autumn' Collection

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” 

Emotive, poetic words capture all that is beautiful and knowing when it comes to nature’s ‘last dance’ this autumn.
Where words reverberate with sentiment, we find cherished comfort in the ‘back to school’ rituals of our childhood.  Shiny shoes and sharpened pencils conjure an energetic enthusiasm for the magic of the new season.
Autumn’s awakening delivers a bounty of grace and flavour, ensuring that Peggy’s ode to the season is a feast for all the senses. Menus are in full colour as the richest of palettes and flavours of freshly picked blackberries and apples, alongside the warming tastes of pumpkin and spice, take a very welcome seat at the table.
The new season wouldn’t be complete without Peggy’s perennial pink pumpkin patch and, as we move closer to Halloween, stay alert for a little ‘hocus pocus’ Peggy style.

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